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This Roiling World

A few weeks back, one sensed the planet was due for a massive calamity. But of what kind? All of us own this facility, however this unique sensory nature (often times referred to as intuition) is rarely trained and largely ignored by humanity as a whole, only recently meriting marginal scientific exploration. There can be no question, other species who inhabit the planet are known to sense natural calamities minutes or days before they occur. Such wisdom sensed is made clear if one actually pays attention to the rhythms and patterns which frequently herald such moments, whether natural disaster, or derived from man made folly.

In the past days there seems to have been one extraordinary commotion after another sufficient to knock that of the previous days off the headlines. No small feat when one is speaking global headlines. In no specific order: horse meat in beef products in Europe, Dorner, the cop killer in Los Angeles, the 3rd nuclear test by North Korea, the Popes resignation, and today Olympian/hero Oscar Pistorous arrested for the early morning Valentines day shooting of his girlfriend. Seriously, who cares even remotely of the Duchess of Cambridge walking down a beach with her husband whilst modestly attired in a bikini?

COMMANDOpera finds this disproportionate number of global media events in such a contracted period unusual to say the least, and unsettling at best. Is this what one sensed a few weeks ago, or are all of these simply warm up acts? If one were to consider dire historic predictions, Pope Benedict XVI has long been predicted as the final man to hold this office before Christianity (and unspoken, the world) ends. The next few weeks will prove rather interesting to observe as we lurch into a prelude to Aprils Fools day.

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