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Notation from COMMANDOpera

Global readers have noticed over the years the evolving patterns at COMMANDOpera. To be sure there are days, and even weeks which go by where those who read this venue from the other side of the screen find no new words. Many years ago, this writer encountered a well recognized news broadcaster who had begun to get on in years, and he offered these now prophetic words: “I will just keep getting up each day and getting out there and doing it, until I find I am not interested anymore or no one wants to hear from me”.

Writing on COMMANDOpera is daunting as one is covering an industry which remains feudal in far too many ways, and wary of what it takes to become relevant in today’s society. After having realized a successful professional life revolving around a difficult and highly competitive sphere (which caused an early and rather comfortable retirement), one cannot help but marvel at times as to why this art form finds itself where it is today. It is all so cruelly unnecessary, as it is a sensible modus operandi to simply move within the times we live. During the first years, COMMANDOpera built a rather impressive network within the global community after it was appreciated this venue did not serve up gossip and negativity, but rather support and interest. Unspoken of however, is the great fatigue which eventually sets in as the cost of working so very assiduously to maintain interest in an industry this stout of mind. The curiosity of course, is that as one became more closely involved within the system and its participants, writing became comparably more difficult to undertake from an independent perspective. Given this brew, COMMANDOpera could not help but become infected by a lethargy of disinterest, as the required initiative to bring global readers several articles each day waned in kind. Why would one get up each day to write endless pap and drivel?

Yet at the end of the day there is you. The global readers of COMMANDOpera who continue to write comments which are rarely seen, and those others, who just love to read about Opera to know what is going on. It is for all of you that this venue will once more ramp up in the coming weeks and return the best parts to the fore. Interviews with rising and current artists of all manner, and oh yes, pointed articles from this unique perspective which will once more inflame and cause a great deal of chatter within the realm of Opera.


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