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Texas Instruments for Dallas

Go big or go home is perhaps how some are starting to think about the gold which is Dallas Opera General Director and CEO Keith Cerny. COMMANDOpera recognized Mr. Cerny to be a man for all ages upon meeting him last year whilst in Dallas. Apparently Texas Instruments agrees:

…..The Dallas Opera is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Texas Instruments Foundation, which recently approved grants totaling $1.5 million to a dozen diverse North Texas arts and cultural organizations.  According to the foundation, the purpose of these awards is to “enrich the quality of life in TI’s headquarters community.” In making this unprecedented gift to the company, Texas Instruments Foundation cited TDO’s outstanding leadership and the new direction taken by the company under the guidance of General Director and CEO Keith Cerny.  In awarding the grant, the foundation also cited a proven commitment to artistic excellence and the positive impact of a successful, carefully crafted financial plan designed to restore community confidence in the Dallas Opera, as well as putting the company on the path to genuine fiscal responsibility and balance—and keeping it there. “Texas Instruments has been a stalwart supporter of The Dallas Opera for more than 50 of its illustrious 55 years,” explains Dallas Opera General Director and CEO Keith Cerny. “For the second consecutive season, the Texas Instruments Foundation is providing an unprecedented level of financial support.  As we strive to create new productions, showcase revivals, and secure commissions reflecting the highest artistic and technical standards for this art form, Texas Instruments Foundation must be credited for its starring role as a partner in the success of this company.  It’s a role for which all of us at The Dallas Opera are deeply and sincerely grateful.”…..

COMMANDOpera greatly esteems the entire back of house team at the Dallas Opera, who work together as a well oiled machine. The sum of which is rewarded with continuing excellence and visionary performances.

Crew Mantle in Dallas with General Director Keith Cerny

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