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Mounting Everest in Dallas

COMMANDOpera recieved word late last evening the Dallas Opera has commissioned another new work! EVEREST, a collaboration between composer Joby Talbot, and librettist Gene Scheer, will prima at some point during the 2015 2016 season. COMMANDOpera recalls Mr. Talbot from his work with ‘The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy’. Most curiously, the work is to run for one act only, which begs the question: How long does this run? Here is part of what the Dallas Opera sent: ‘Based on a harrowing 1996 expedition (the subject of two films and at least five books thus far) to summit the world’s tallest mountain peak.  Everest will blend documented facts and contemporary recollections of the transformative journey experienced by Everest survivors, with flights of the imagination designed to keep audience members transfixed in this harshly beautiful place at the top of the world.‘ COMMANDOpera is well connected within the Dallas Opera, however the theatre is notoriously secretive and leaks nary a word on anything to anyone. What could possibly be next for global readers from this theatre? COMMANDOpera has no clue, although at least those who follow this venue are assured to be the first to know… once the news is made public.

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