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Wuthering Heights in Minnesota

Artwork Credit: Mr. Neil Patel, Set Designer. Courtesy of the Minnesota Opera.

Wuthering Heights will prima on the evening of April 16th at 7:30 P.M. Minneapolis time. The Minnesota Opera is one of the regional American theatres COMMANDOpera hears endlessly about. ALL top American artists are engaged there, and they endlessly mount new productions which are of such calibre as to be in frequent demand for rentals. COMMANDOpera would have attended this prima to finally debut at the theatre, however a previous engagement in New Orleans obliges a postponement. Nevertheless to give you an indication of why this company is so regarded, here is what COMMANDOpera was availed of from their rigorous media relations department:

Synopsis is the second tab on

Here are some YouTube links that I’ve found:

YouTube Clips of Wuthering Heights audio:

Wuthering Heights – Bernard Herrmann – Three Pieces

The Classic Bernard Herrmann Part 2 – Wuthering Heights Act 4

And the fantastic story written by our very own Michael Anthony can be found here:

Enjoy…let me know if you need anything else. And I will definitely keep you on my pitch list going forward. What sort of things other than new and unusual works capture your fancy?”

If THIS were not enough, COMMANDOpera ran headlong into server issues while attempting to download costume sketches. Not only was the request immediately handled, the entire set of twenty five sketches were re sized and dispatched arriving in the mail moments ago. Here is a sample of what awaits theatre goers. All Photo Credits: Miss Jane Greenwood, Costume Designer. Courtesy of the Minnesota Opera.


Mr. Michael Christie will be on the podium for the run. Mr. Eric Simonson directs, with Lighting by Mr. Robert Wierzel. Mr. Lee Poulis is Heathcliff, Miss Sara Jakubiak is Catherine, and Mr. Ben Wager as Hindley head the excellent cast. As readers are well aware, COMMANDOpera generally embeds video pertinent articles, however given the opportunity to showcase proper marketing techniques for any theatre interacting with global media, click on the links above supplied by the Minnesota Opera Marketing Department to be transported.

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