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Who Shot J.R. 30 years ago

It was 30 years ago today that the infamous ‘Who shot J.R.’ episode aired. The evening soap opera was catapulted to becoming an overnight sensation after the episode, and over 320 million viewers around the world tuned in to find out who did it the following season. As one recalls, the show was broadcast at 9 P.M. EST. Once again globally, there appears to be a certain level of interest for this anniversary; here is an interesting link to a BBC spot. COMMANDOpera still feels the Dallas Opera should commission an opera on the unique American moment in time when matters concerning oil revolved around Texas. Here are a few short excerpts from the series and a  recent 1/2 hour video with Mr. Hagman as he discusses the event.

J.R. gets shot.

Who shot J.R.

Mr. Larry Hagman interviewed.

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